Sunday, May 07, 2006

Nonlinear travelling

It has been an extremely hot and sunny weekend in Helsinki.
After swimming and bicycle-riding the cubs wanted to travel somewhere.

A: I want to fly to France.
J: Not to France. You can't even speak French.
A: But I want to go to France. There are so many boats there.
J: But in England there are holes!
A: I want to go to Africa then.
J: Ha ha. You have to jump from an airplane to get there.
A: But I am an African boy. How didn't you recognize me? My name is Fideliscasterix. *
J: You're not from Africa. You are just...Mrs Piippola. **

J runs away, A follows furiously. They quite accidentally
cross the border of DNGNTRL (definitely never go near the road-land).

Me: Come back NOW!
No answer.
Me: Come back NOW or you'll ever... erm...
[deep thinking: you will ever see any movies / eat strawberries / have friends / travel anywhere...]
Me: Come back NOW or I'll shout!
[not so deep thinking: but I am doing it already]
Me: Just come back.
They come back.
J: Sorry, forgot.
A: It wasn't me. It was the bubble-gum in my mouth leading.

* I don't think A (3) has any connection to Cuba, though.
** Mrs Old MacDonald.

J took the photo of his artwork: How to make a Swiss flag by eating an apple.


Dave said...

I suspect you meant 'never' rather than 'ever' - but then, you weren't shouting in English were you?

Or perhaps you were, which is why they were ognoring you (I believe we have already established that the cubs don't speak English).

What have you been telling them about England? Black holes indeed.

Dave said...

'ognoring': a Scandinavian custom, involving fruit and foreign flags. Birch twigs and alcohol probably creep in somewhere too.

taigathefox said...

Oh, J has been in London, so he probably has seen the black holes somewhere.

Here's a most ognorable ornitology video. Contains a Finn male in summer suit, lost booze, some birch and our most common swearword.

mimi buzzard said...

Your children are so funny! And i love the Swiss Flag apple photo, J is a genius.

taigathefox said...

J came to me in a terrible rush and said he wants to preserve the Swiss flag before eating it. There were some very odd thoughts bouncing inside my head, until I noticed it was an apple he was talking about :)

Anonymous said...

What's burning in the first photo?

taigathefox said...

Some arsonists had obviously a party in the downtown of Helsinki.
Some great photos here

Dave said...

Thanks for the video. A naked man was just what I wanted to see first thing in the morning.

I may be being ironic there.