Sunday, March 11, 2007

Baby Strahl's confusion about her mother's re-appearance as Curious George

The Second Episode of New Superlon is ready.


Annie said...

I am giving up Google Reader in a huff, and emigrating to Bloglines or something - it never tells me when you have posted.

Hurrah for New Superlon!

Taiga the Fox said...

Oh hello Annie, glad you found your way here again.

I'm using Google Reader and have no complaints so far. It might be sometimes few days late, but never left anything out, or at least I think so...

Fi said...

Hello Taiga,
keep popping over from time to time so thought I'd best post a comment or something. No idea what to make of the Superlon thing, other than wistfully thinking those drugs must be damn good.
But I do like your randomness, even though it leaves me scratching my head in a bemused sort of way.
Guess I'll just have to read/watch (take notes)and learn.

Fi said...

Sorry about the naff photo, keep meaning to delete it - makes me cringe everytime it leaps onto the webpage. & wot happened to your eye?

Taiga the Fox said...

Oh hello Fi, and welcome to the Fox earth.

Hmm.. I wonder why everyone asks me about drugs. Do you think if I manage to extract that Superlon drug from my brain, I could get screamingly rich by dealing it?
Oh bugger, I just figured I'm dealing it for free. Damn. Oh well.

What happend to my eye? I suppose it made me cringe, so I kind of warholized it.