Sunday, November 12, 2006

A bus to home, around April 1998
Boy: Mom.
Mom: Yes?
Boy: What came after the Iron Age?
Mom: [silence] Look, there is a nice bird on the street.
Taiga Fox: [thinking] When I have kids of my own I will always answer their questions properly. Especially if I'm sitting on a bus.

A metro train to home, November 2006
A: Mom.
Taiga Fox: Yes?
A: Do people grow after death?
J: Why there are volcanoes?
A: Are you going to be Granny one day?
J: Is it possible to hit a knife onto the moon?
A: Did great Grandma know what happened around her, when she couldn't speak or see anymore?
J: How deep are the meteorite lakes?
A: Is the sun made of fire?
J: Can I have a magnifying glass?
A: How come it's possible that a fiery ball is hanging on the air?
J: How long does it take until the sofa is on fire?
A: Why do some people promise something and then they forget it?
J: Can I have a mobile?
A: What are the worms eating?
J: If I can't have a mobile, how am I going to make an emergency call if something happens to you and you haven't had time to tell us what to do in that situation?
Taiga Fox: [long silence] Look, isn't that a funny advertisement on the wall?


mimi buzzard said...

What difficult questions children ask!

Dave said...

Answers follow on next post, I'm sure.

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

I may regret asking this, but what exactly is that a picture of?

Taiga the Fox said...

It's a picture of the tiny fox fetus fingers trying to crawl out from the frozen fox earth. Obviously.

assistant director said...

Apologies. is temporarily out of order. The correct answer is this.