Monday, November 06, 2006

Eat some cone!

The sick king's castle was filled with candies, cakes, balloons and presents.
J had 13 quests, who ate, run, puked and had fun.
After the treasure hunt, candy-fishing, dinosaur digging and usual headbanging, half of the balloons were exploded at 120 decibels and my brain felt like a monkey's bottom during the monsoon.

The guests were mainly boys, except Ella, who sat close to J and gave him a brand new squirrel CD.
When the boys were having a battle with a long, green plastic snake, she was writing a text on the Magna Doodle: Ella loves Lordi.

Few weeks ago J said Ella had kissed him whilst they were digging some sand.
Ella's mother told me later what she had said.
Mother: So, you like to play with J?
Ella: Yes. I kiss him because that's the only way to stop his never-ending talking.

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Dave said...

Lovely. From this far away, anyway.