Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Fox searches for self and drops an earplug in a martini

Start wearing purple shouts a bearded skinny man and Taiga Fox avoids the hitting fist of a tranced dancer boy.
She wears black and listens to the angry man singing furiously Love is unkind Love is unkind Love is unkind It don't like nobody It don't got no friends.
A naked rubber doll flies through the air.
A young boy wears a pink t-shirt with a text Youth against sudoku.

The old cable hall is filled with sweaty teens, sweaty wanna-be-teens and hundreds of black clad people smoking. Taiga Fox wants a drink.
Mr Fox: What do you want to drink?
Taiga Fox: A dry lingon cider without ice.
Mr Fox: I suppose it's going to be a lager.
Taiga Fox: Have you got any cash?
Mr Fox: Nope. Why? Have you?
Taiga Fox: Do you think they accept plastic?


Finnhund said...

Well they didn't!

Taiga the Fox said...


My fellow studenty-time mate, music critic, OT, wrote about this same thing in Helsingin Sanomat today. Apparently he didn't get any drinks either.