Thursday, November 30, 2006

Saga Superlonica 5: Bake the nut before you ho-ho!

Aristotle Catfish: May I say that was highly enjoyable little barcarole, but just stick it in the oven, Mr von Strahl.
Stejar Strahl: Pardon, stick what where?
Aristotle Catfish: The red nut, stick it in the oven.
Stejar Strahl: Why is that?
Aristotle Catfish: Listen carefully, my comely-faced copper, if you burn the nut you will turn to be your father.
Eiseemi Laxi: Is this the red nut?
Stejar Strahl: But I don't want to be my father. I don't even know him. There might be hundreds and hundreds of rather short, but so jolly men around the village of Superlon, where they gave a key to my jail, but the very next day they gave it away...

Aristotle Catfish: No! Don't burn that! It's Mr Mac Piggin Buckets, not a nut.
Stejar Strahl: What a shame, it looked bit like a tiger...
Aristotle Catfish: Yes, that's what they all say, but there's always a small redhead clown inside Mr Mac Piggin Buckets. Well, there was one. But now...
... no we will have to take a flight to Embololalia.


Dave said...

That reminds me of a song: 'Do you know the way to Embololalia?'

Is it just me, or is this story becoming a bit darker, more brooding? They're not all going to kill themselves, then get on board a ship and set fire to it, are they?

Taiga the Fox said...

Oh, I'd love to hear that song.
And no, they are not. This is the last day of November.

Tomorrow I will start being happy. I dance around trees, decorate myself with glittery things, drink glögg with raisins, eat thin Swedish orange flavoured gingerbreads with cheese and bake a house.

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Bake a house?

Anyway, great to see more Superlon :)

Taiga the Fox said...

A gingerbread house, my dear friend, a gingerbread house.