Wednesday, October 25, 2006

W is for wintery watermelon week

So, a week or more of watermelons and winter. No proper blogging, no commenting. Just a broken broadband and an autumn holiday.

Day 1
Freshly picked, outgrown watermelons! Who said there are polar bears roaming on the pavements of Helsinki?
God they were delicious. Not the bears.

Day 2
The cubs visit a museum. The guards wish they were unemployed.

Day 3
It starts to be horribly dark. The sun rises and sets sooner than you can notice.

Day 4
I see a car accident and a death of a woman.

Day 5
Gosh, it's November soon, but Mr. Fox gives me flowers, so I really don't care.

Day 6
At the amusement park.
Stuffed inside a plastic helicopter rising noisily up in the air, I remember
how much I fear heights.

Day 7
Stuffed inside a movie theatre. Cars, super size popcorn and loud kids.

Day 8
Countryside. Sauna. Heavy rain.

Day 9
It's freaking cold. I stand at the backyard, have a rake in my hand and stare at the snow.
Later I stand in the local bar, have a pint of too sweet cider and stare at the former punk star who sings Goan reggae songs.

Day 10
I wish I had just one free, lazy afternoon, when my biggest concern would be to consider whether to bother finding a mobile for ordering a pizza or not.
I film a dark road movie. I'm a poor woman's Tarkovski.

Day 11
I have a broken broadband and I'm trying to find my way out from the bottom of my undone jobs.

Day 12
Forget everything I said about the darkness. It's even darker now. I almost sleep at the theatre, watching a depressive circus about a lack of communication.
My only joy was to get a free packet of butter. But the broadband works.

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Dave said...

Ah, how the other half live, eh?