Monday, October 02, 2006

Harvest time

The cubs were having a conversation. They couldn't decide which vegetables to take with them to the harvest feast.

J: I'll take a banana.
A: I'll take a clementine.
J: That's not a vegetable, silly.
A: I'll take a chocolate bar then.
J: That's not a vegetable!
A: Ok. I'll take an egg pudding then, pour it on my head
and add two blueberries at the top of it!
J: You should be a delivery pizza instead. We'd have a free ride!

Finland Today
(Read this from the paper.)

Mother: Look there's a crow!
Child: Oh. What kind of a ring tone it has?


Dave said...

Well, Finland is the land of the mobile 'phone, is it not? I wouldn't mind one that sounded like a bird when it rang.

mimi buzzard said...

ha ha!