Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saga Superlonica 4: Nights of the Sound Table

Aristotle Catfish:
Good Morning gadders.
Stejar Strahl: Ecnednopserroc fo ytiliba ym tsol evah I ekil smees ti.
Aristotle Catfish: What is your friend trying to express?
Eiseemi Laxi: Drow a dnatsrednu t'nac I, llet I dluoc woh?
Aristotle Catfish: Are you all retroflexers?
Ella Salmon: Diputs rehtar eb ot strats lla siht noinipo ym ni.
Aristotle Catfish: Try singing.
Stejar Strahl:
The boy named Table met
Lilly Flower Smally Small
and sat on the bee.
They needed water.
oh where
they thought.
Lilly Flower Smally Small
cut a picture
on the wall.
They looked at their
papery pool.
Aristotle Catfish: Oh, excellent, I've been waiting for your companionship for years to arrive. Follow me, Mr. von Strahl.


Dave said...

!gnola lla hsinniF gnikaeps neeb t'nevah uoy teb I

Dave said...

!Harruh dnd hO

mimi buzzard said...


Taiga the Fox said...

!sknaht dna ho .ti dekil uoy dalg ,erusaelp ym lla s'ti

Taiga the Fox said...

Especially dna ho.