Sunday, October 29, 2006

All the cops in the donut shop say, Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh, Party like an egyptian

We're going to celebrate J's sixth birthday party soon.

J: Have you bought the plates?
T Fox: Yep.
J: There aren't any pictures of Winnie the Pooh on them? Because that's for dummies and babies.
T Fox: Watch your words young man...
J: You promised I could get a crown.
T Fox: Yep.
J: Can I be dressed like Jafar?
T Fox: No. [taking a blanket away from the bed]
J: Could you leave that and fold it as a pillow?
T Fox: Why?
J: That's my sarcophagus.
T Fox: Your what?
J: My sarcophagus. I will surround my head with the toy animals and place my feet on the pillow.
When my quests arrive could you give me my crown, so they can see I'm a resting king.
T Fox: Why would anyone be interested in seeing you as a resting king, when they're coming to your party?
J: I don't know. [saddened]
T Fox: Why can't you just play a king who is awake?
J: I don't know. [cries]
T Fox: [tries to figure out something nice about living kings] I don't think kings lie like that anyway, it's would give an image like the king would be...
A (4): The kings do sleep, Mom.
T Fox: Yep.
A: Maybe J could play a sick king?

So, apparently on next Sunday we're having a jolly birthday party, with a sick king theme.
Any ideas for the decoration?


Dave said...

If, as suggested, it was sick Egyptian kings, then you could make cakes in the shape of pyramids. Have lots of SANDwiches, dates etc. And you could be mummy.

mimi buzzard said...

Your kids are so so funny! Great photo too!