Monday, February 25, 2008

On Thursday Night

Originally uploaded by Taiga the Fox.

Originally uploaded by Taiga the Fox.

I never forgot the day you came to us.
Someone didn't want you, put you and the other kittens inside the bag and left you on the highway, but you were lucky and saved by a stranger. You were already one year old when you arrived, but so tiny, so cute and named as a candy. I never forget your sweet chirrups.

You were always afraid of noise and traffic, but finally agreed to go out. When you were older, you always sat on my flower border, next to the hyssop. You didn't mind living with the big dog, who always tried to eat your food. You didn't mind living with two big tomcats, who ate your food. You didn't mind living with two little kids, who tried to eat your food and wanted to stroke your velvety fur. You loved the smell of their toothpaste.

When you were younger, you always slept on my pillow. Your tiny paws tickled my ears. You were like a furry, black night hat. I never forget the day the doctor said you're going to die and you might have either ten days or ten years left. You chose the latter one. During your last weeks you slept on my stomach for all the nights long. I never forget how warm you were. I never forget you, Nekku.


BiB said...

Oh, darling, how awful and desperately sad. She looks very noble on her last day. Again, a million condolences.

patroclus said...

I'm so sorry Taiga. Poor Nekku. She does look lovely in those photos, and that was a lovely tribute.

My cat Minkus came to me in the same sort of way - I've had her for eight and a half years now and I dread the day I have to go through this too.

Dave said...

Now I am crying.

Taiga the Fox said...

Thank you, again and sorry if I made you cry...