Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The day when it looks like the Fox blog becomes the Official Equus Judo Site

You can start discussing about it here.
Look how much space! Aren't I generous?


BiB said...

Taiga, your site has become pure porn. Never have I seen the expression, "hung like a horse," illustrated with such graphic precision!

Shocked of Berlin.

Taiga the Fox said...

Yes, we Northern Foxes are bit wild, aren't we?

BiB said...

You certainly are. It must be because of the winterless winter (talviton/talveton talvi?). In Berlin it is such a beautiful day that I have clean forgotten my porno-shock from earlier on.

Recovered of Berlin.

Marsha Klein said...

I like the sound of your million box. Unfortunately, most of my house looks like the inside of that box!

Taiga the Fox said...

BiB, lumeton talvi indeed. Although it snowed a bit today, so maybe we're having a luminen kevät instead. Or lumellinen kesä, which sounds bad.

I was wondering why few weeks ago there were many persons wandering around my blog searching for "taiga porn". I hope they found it, because I have no idea about things like that. [blushes]

During this week people have tried to find these from the Fox blog:
- "hairy foxes"
- "weightlifter moustache"
- "kilt and nylon socks"
- "the other side of taiga"

Taiga the Fox said...

Marsha, unfortunately I do have about million million boxes everywhere in the fox box. It sounds a good thing to have, but...