Monday, January 07, 2008

Office Talk

Sleepy afternoon in a hectic office. Colleague walks nervously around the room.

Colleague: I don't want to go to the doctors alone.
T Fox: Why?
Colleague: Maybe she will say I will have only one day left. What shall I do then?
T Fox: Oh dear, is it something serious?
Colleague: I've got a flu.
T Fox: [sigh]
Colleague: Why wouldn't you come with me?
T Fox: Me? Go with you to the doctors?
Colleague: Yes. You could just sit there quietly. With your new lovely Barbapapa bag.
I can say you always come with me wherever I go.
T Fox: [sigh]
Colleague: I could say you were the first prize in Bingo.

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Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Well at least (s)he said first prize, I suppose :)