Monday, November 05, 2007

Death of the Author and Other Thoughts of the Month

Today, whilst I was in Metro, reading Roland Barthes, it hit me. I had nearly forgotten the Fox. Well, not forgotten, but I had felt way too busy lately and everything had seemed so much more important than the blog. I wish I could have said I really had been that busy, but obviously I couldn't. You, who are on Facebook, you know that I could have written much and much and even some more and spent far less time on writing something more important than my status updates:

X is wondering if it is November making her feel like an ugli fruit. 8:30pm
X is a podgy bored pony-tailed pomelo. 4:14pm
X is a sodden ponderous toothless tooth fairy. 3:45pm
X is completely at sea. A frozen one. 9:38am
X is having gentle useless rants inside her head. 12:38am
X is having broken teeth and snow kind of a weekend. 8:34pm
X is suddenly aware it's November already. 7:07pm
X is writing again. 4:28pm
X is going to listen a lecture by Tate Modern's Exhibitions Registrar now. 1:15pm
X is trying to write. 9:53am
X is finally realising that she is a bookshopaholic. 12:20am
X is a Monopoly-loser. 9:36pm
X is boringly writing about some art stuff. 2:43pm
X is a worker. 11:39am
X is way too water-y. 12:26am
X is feeling Ikea-dizzy. 9:53pm
X is in a Tuesday tune. 1:06am
X is in a monday mode. 10:46am
X is at sleep. 1:19am
X is offline. 3:44pm
X is wearing a red nose. 2:36pmX is going to visit the bookfair today. Yay! 10:52am
X is torpidly tired, but at work. 9:48am
X is ready for the spectacle. 6:47pm
X is mycket bättre after the buffé, wine and chocolate. 5:35pm
X is bad-tempered, not festive. 4:35pm
X is going to go to bed with a real book. 12:02am
X is drinking tea and building up a virtual bookshelf for the virtual self. 9:42pm
X is not working. 6:49pm
X is working working working not wanting but working. 3:23pm
X is feeling sick. 3:18pm
X is óleo, platos, bondo sobre lona impermeable verde. 3:08pm
X is stressed out. 1:57pm
X is working, working and working. 11:22am
X is sleepy. 11:54pm
X is almost back from the completely knackered state of mind. 8:58pm
X is completely knackered. 9:32pm
X is a happy owner of new shoes and feels better already. 8:17pm
X is exhausted, well beaten, run-down, washed-out and nearly dead. 4:05pm
X is argh. 12:37pm
X is apparently a some kind of a lawyer with a cleaner's salary. 12:07pm
X is beginning a new full week. 8:39am
X is asleep. 12:19am
X is unable to write except about the penguin pee and stuff like that. 11:51pm
X is done. Hooray. Hip hip hip hoo-ra...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 8:02pm
X is working. Boring. 3:14pm
X is back from Ratatouille. 6:25pm
X is still thinking that the perry creme brûlée & cinnamon-orange sorbet was rather nice. 10:55am
X is apparently very invitation friendly this morning. 10:21am
X is at home again. 1:59am
X is trying to find her clothes. 5:38pm
X is at work and waiting for the evening and dinner. 9:23am
X is frozen, but fully amused. 12:20am
X is having presents and bubbly drinks before going to the amusement park. 4:01pm
X is frustrated. 8:31am
X is really happy for Y :). 11:50pm
X is not reading a text "Some Reflections on an Agonistic Approach to the Public.". 6:41pm
X is reading a text "Some Reflections on an Agonistic Approach to the Public". 9:15am
X is a worn-out worker. 8:43am
X is apparently a cheerful chipmunk. 11:54pm
X is writing nonsense. 11:48pm
X is definitely not up to something. 11:12pm
X is a cuddlemaster. 1:06pm
X is probably just way too optimistic. 12:20am
X is not sure actually. 12:17am
X is just happy. 12:13am
X is asked to play with her notepad instead of facebook. Hmph. 10:28pm
X is aware that her home is filled with beer, naked women and potatoes. 7:29pm
X is feeling dizzy. 1:30pm
X is looking after a strange fluffy toy. 12:36am
X is going to drink all the wine now, because she just got frozen outside. 8:48pm
X is having an Eastern European mole as a weekend guest and wonders if they drink red wine. 7:44pm
X is happy like a small horsey again. 12:03am
X is so exhausted, but happy. 4:33pm
X is going to work hard today. Seriously. 8:39am
X is going to light up the room. Well, the bedroom anyway. 12:06am
X is slush and whoosh. 9:23pm
X is a having a big mouth and no brain. 4:08pm
X is an ice-cream eating ice-cube. 11:04pm
X is an ice-cube. Also terribly lazy. 10:00pm
X is not going to change any bloody smitten tires with mittens anyway. 9:07pm
X is stupid smytten. 9:05pm
X is suddenly thinking about winter tyres and smittens. Depressing. 9:03pm
X is . 9:01pm
X is as much fun as a wall. 12:13am

Talking about walls:

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Occasional Poster of Comments said...

OPC is leaving a comment. 12:07am

OPC is now wondering if Human Frogger exists. 12:09am

OPC is thinking he shouldn't be at all surprised that it does. Of course it does. Or there'd be no need for the Darwin Awards. 12:17am

Dave said...

Dave is just glad to check on his Facebook page occasionally, and note that the Fox is still obviously alive, even though he misses reading a fresh entry on her blog.

Marsha Klein said...

That video is insane!

Marsha is still wondering what Facebook is for.

BiB said...

Facebook is pants. Blog. Hope your mole did drink after all.

Taiga the Fox said...

Yes, BiB, you're absolutely right. Facebook is pants, almost as big as mine.