Sunday, October 21, 2007

I hope you found your answers from the Fox blog

I should have been working really hard today, so I had some time to look at the Statcounter. This is how some of you found your way here during the last two weeks.

- shepherdswell ghosts
- poisonous taiga
- "i hate sightseeing" (Top 1 on Google search. Yay!)
- i am a black poem in the book every eye ain't asleep by kojo
- youtube trying on my big red bra
- "floating shopping centre"
- danny slobodan milosevic
- yes I can't the tomorrow yes I can't the foxit ( top 1 again)
- Charlie Chaplin vegetarian
- buy victorian weightlifter moustache
- guinness porridge (another top 1)
- don't feed the animals yoghi (Top 1 in Italian Google search)
- trippy saying
- chubby russian (Top 10 in Czech Google search)
- i am a reindeer
- do penguins pee?


Dave said...

So where's the link to you on YouTube then?

Annie said...

Why did they google 'I am a reindeer'? Why why why?

And why are my search terms so boring compared with yours?

*deep gloom*

Marsha Klein said...

My most interesting search term was:

"Did someone set Hitler on fire?"

Most common:


Oh and by the way, do penguins pee?

Sopwith-Camel said...

"Shepherdswell Ghosts" possibly came from my site, I visited Sherpherdswell a few times in my search for the ghost of the East Kent Railway. I don't know about any of the others, ( I thank God).