Monday, October 15, 2007

The weekend revisited, featuring Mole

The youngest member of the fox family started at his new daycare two months ago. Last week was his turn to be The Kid of the Week, which meant lots of fun, like having an interview about the future and looking at his cute baby photos surrounded by giggling girls. Well, things that every five year old boy loves to do.

On Friday the Mole visited us and stayed as a weekend guest. Yes, the famous Eastern European Krtek the Mole. He moved in, having only a flower patterned sleeping bag, a pillow and a diary with him. We were supposed to do things with him and write about it afterwards. I was slightly concerned about the whole thing. You know, I already imagined how it would read:
"The mole looked at how mother sat at the computer. Then he looked at how father sat at the computer. Then he looked at how the boys watched telly. Then the dog ate him."

So avoiding that, we were busy doing things. We ate healthy things like tomato soup. We saw a brilliant play called Detective Knot and the Mystery of the [something. I already forgot what it was... well it is a mystery now, but it had something to do with knots anyway and the bouncing sheep was great, so never mind] at the theater. We tried to clean up. We were at the birthday party and behaved well, even though it was bit boring and I had a feeling we were bunch of ghettoblasters sitting nicely between the Queen of Niederösterreich and a nervously shy Nobel prize winner. Later we looked closely at all the fossiles and bones inside the Geology museum's showcases. When we were driving the car we weren't annoyed at all when the Kid of the Week was constantly shouting "But I want to hear that song where they sing Yee Haw!" and we didn't know what the song was all about and we had to play a short inroduction of every song of every CD we had in our car, before we found out it wasn't a song about a donkey, but Julian Casablancas pronouncing the word here and we all laughed and listened to it thrice and I decided that he won't look at the video until he's 18, but he has to keep on watching his other favourite Honey Bee (Let's Fly to Mars) and he agreed.

On Sunday evening I wrote everything down. "How are you today, my dear friend Mole? Did you have a jolly good sleep?, asked A Fox (5)", I wrote and thought how nice it all sounded, indeed. Then I remembered I didn't have a clue what happened on Friday when I was still at work.
T Fox: What did you do with Kretk the Mole on Friday?
Mr Fox: We went to the shopping center.
T Fox: Oh, that's nice. What did you buy?
Mr Fox: A bottle of red wine.
T Fox: Oh.
Mr Fox: The mole carried it inside his sleeping bag. I took a photo of it for the diary.
T Fox: Great.


Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Hmm, there's a sitcom episode in that somewhere... Sadly not the final one of the series I'm writing, though. [Sighs] Bloody final episode.

Oh, and really enjoyed the Nick Cave videos that link sent me to :) Hadn't even heard of, let alone heard, that Hey Joe cover he did with those jazz guys.

Sopwith-Camel said...

"But I want to hear that song where they sing Yee Haw!"

Blur, by any chance?