Monday, February 26, 2007

T Fox visits The Betty Blog Clinic

T Fox: It started so well, didn't it? On Saturday I went to the shop to buy another box of the White Choc & Raspberry Biscuits. And I was happy, just looking at the red box. At least I didn't think about Internet. Well, maybe just a little bit. I was thinking should I tell everyone I think they are the best cookies ever made, but then again, I thought, who would care if I told anyone, so I just decided to give the money and go away. But when I was standing there, the coins on my hand, it all started to go wrong...
Dr U. Bonce: Yes, go on...

Cashier: It's 2.49.
T Fox: Are you here.
Cashier: Yes, I am here.
T Fox: No... Here you are.
Cashier: Yes. I am here.
T Fox: No, I meant "here you are", but I said it in the wrong order. It's too tricky when you can't moderate your comments in real life.
Cashier: In real life?
T Fox: Yes, here in the real life, not in the new blogger, which is actually much nicer than most of them say, you know, there is that very handy Add and Arrange Elements- section, which I like a lot, because basically I just like to click and drag, you know to rearrange elements on my life or smoething like taht.
Cashier: Smoething like taht? Where are you from?
T Fox: Where is the spell checking when needed?
Cashier: I'm not so sure if we have any spell checking. Did you check out the flour section?
T Fox: I'd like to delete this.
Cashier: What?
T Fox: Control alt delete.
Cashier: Sorry, I can't speak any Latin.
T Fox: Bloooog!

So there I was, standing on the icy car park, alone and blogless...
Please Doctor, can I write something small? No? Not even a meme?


Sopwith-Camel said...

1) What is your favourite 4-letter word?
2) What is the first rude word you heard your children use that you know they never learnt from you?
3) Name the shortest song you like
4) If you were allowed to scrap one letter from the alphabet, which would it be?
5) Who is your least-loved Disney character?
6) Why a Duck?

Sopwith-Camel said...

Oops, I've just realised that you said you didn't want to write even a meme. I misread the last sentence. You are excused from answering.

Taiga the Fox said...

Did I? Oops. Sometimes I'm confusing even myself. I thought it was Doctor U. Bonce saying that, but what the heck, I never liked him anyway.

mimi buzzard said...

Oh dear. See Blogging is the only way forward, it's to late to leave us now. Was the flour section very big, in the shop?

Taiga the Fox said...

Oh, the Meme... It looks suspiciously psycho-analytical, but maybe I'm still inside the b-blog clinic.
Do you mind if I answer here?

1. My favourite 4-letter word is aava (wide)

2. shit-head

3. Anti-rock'n roll-band Mjölk's B-side track "Vihaan Är-kioskeja" (I hate R- kiosks) from their single Lehemä! (Cow!) 0'42''

4. Å. "The Swedish o" is completely useless

5. John D. Rockerduck

6. Canada

Taiga the Fox said...

Mimi, you're right. The flour section was big, but they only had spelt.

Anonymous said...


Sopwith-Camel said...

I have never met your Dr U. Bonce. When I get ill I sometimes talk to Dr U. Bend and then I feel much better.

Taiga the Fox said...

Ooh! We've got a party today at the B-blog clinic!

The Visitor number 10 000 (since March - 06) came from Finland and tried to find an answer to the "superlon ball". Instead of it, the happy winner had a chance to see Superlonian Homesick Blues in Pandalanda.

Kiitos ja anteeks ( Thanks and sorry) , like we say in Finland.