Sunday, February 04, 2007

In the name of something

This was supposed to be a blog post. I couldn't think about anything, but then I remembered BiB's post about names.
So here you are. Some Finnish names with a meaning. I am also included, without Indonesian biscuits.


Anna 'give me'
Ansa 'trap'
Hellä 'gentle'
Ilta 'evening'
Laina 'loan'
Lempi 'love'
Meri 'sea'
Marja 'berry'
Rauha 'peace'
Satu 'fairytale'
Sini ' blue'
Suvi 'summer'
Taimi ' seedling'
Taru 'legend'
Tuuli 'wind'
Unelma ' dream'
Varma 'certain'
Vilja 'grain'


Aarre 'treasure'
Aatos 'thought'
Armas 'dear'
Arvo 'value'
Aulis 'willing'
Heimo 'tribe'
Into 'enthusiasm'
Kai 'maybe'
Oiva 'splendid'
Onni 'happiness'
Sulo 'charm'
Taisto 'fight'
Taito 'skill'
Tarmo 'energy'
Tenho 'fascination'
Toivo 'hope'
Usko 'faith'
Uljas 'valiant'
Urho 'brave'
Valo 'light'
Voitto 'victory'

But in the name of something, don't name your son Unto, which means 'slightly dim' or
Yrjö, a popular slang word for 'vomit'.


Bowleserised said...

Such beautiful names! I've helped friends try to choose names for babies before, and girls' names are always fine, but in English, boys names are either whacked out or extremely dull. Clearly Finnish boy names are the way forward.

BiB said...

I like light being a name. My nephew gave ideas for when his younger brother was being born. He started with 'light', and his parents thought he was awfully gifted and poetic. Then he suggested 'door' and 'pillow'.

Dave said...

Things in foreign tongues always seem exotic and romantic, don't they?

Sopwith-Camel said...

Talking of names with unfortunate connotations, I have noticed that English people with the surname 'Taylor' tend not to name their daughters Jenny

Taiga the Fox said...

B, well I suppose it might be so. Although I had great difficulties when trying to find nice nature related names for my boys. It was almost impossible. There are so much nicer names for girls, also in Finnish.

BiB, I'd love to meet a boy named Pillow!

Dave, yes, I remember those times when John and Andy seemed to be so romantic names.

S-C, I see. It's probably the same when a family named Saukko don't name their daughters Anu.