Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I disagree with everything is said

There have been better weeks.
I have just found out that if everything goes wrong, it just goes.
If I try to be as zen as one can pretend, it won't make anything better, it just makes things even more unclear. I might be inside the bubble, but I fear, and hope, somebody will poke a sharp, but pointless needle on it.

And it's damn lonely there.
Some French once said the worst loneliness is the kind you have whilst around people.
I agree with that, so actually I don't disagree with everything is said, but I might probably disagree something else that French once has said.
I also noticed if i say something I am misunderstood. If I don't say anything I am misunderstood too.

So I just sat there, inside my bubble.
I sat there on the metro. My mobile rang and I didn't find it, because it was already in my hand.
Even inside a bubble one can feel those unpleasant glances of the amused.
I sat there at work. Around me, I saw people who made me feel not so shiny and more unhappy than I thought to be. I tried to speak but nothing came out. Well, something came out, but that was nothing.

I also noticed that you can't be inside that bubble for too long.
I made my decision to finally say why I disagree, but then I saw it coming closer, breaking my bubble. That did hurt, because I didn't know I felt that way.

I agree with myself. I should have stayed in that bubble. At least I produced some understandable words inside it.


Dave said...

From behind the bubble of my computer screen, may I offer you some sympathy?

BiB said...

...and may I too (while admitting I laughed at the mobile-phone-in-hand incident)?

Pidä huolta (which is probably wrong).

Sopwith-Camel said...

One of my brothers came up with this philosophical observation many years ago: 'Air, however foul, makes bubbles'. He was , of course, farting in the bath.