Saturday, December 16, 2006

It's Tango Delirium Time in Finland

It is the annual time of Little Christmases.
The time when every company, every society, every .. well, you got the point, organizes a party where the employees etc. get massively drunk.
I had mine already, which included fine red wine and brilliant M.A.Numminen & Pedro.

Few days ago I got an e-mail listing some other kind of habits to celebrate. Or if you are not sure if you have had one, you can check here, which kind of Little Christmas it was:

Lord of the Rings - Little Christmas

You remember being separated from your friends,
meeting some elves,
talking to the trees,
walking hellishly long distances
and you apparently lost your ring too.

Cinderella - Little Christmas

You arrive at home without your shoe and smell vaguely pumpkin like.

Sleeping Beauty - Little Christmas

You fell asleep and might wake up when somebody, definitely not a prince, kisses you.

Ariel - Little Christmas

In the morning you notice your legs are somehow glued together and you smell like a herring.

Snow White - Little Christmas

You wake up with seven men.

Red Riding Hood - Little Christmas

You share a bed with your granny. More points if it's someone else's granny.


Dave said...

I don't get an office party.



Taiga the Fox said...


Anonymous said...

I can remember....the......p en a was et_on_down all night lon in kutna hora and so forth and so on and mmmm and da hhh also bei bliev m i t' uu 2 'n s0 4th

Taiga the Fox said...

Sorry anonymous, I really don't know that kind of little christmas.
I hope your head doesn't hurt much.

Alda said...

Hah! - another tradition we share... Iceland has little Christmases all over the place, too. Mostly in schools, though. In companies they're called Little Drinkfests. ;)