Thursday, September 06, 2007

Have you seen Futuro?

I've been ill for three days now and stayed at home, doing much nothing. What is worst in flu, is that you can't really go out or do anything you'd just like to do. Like having a long bicycle ride to the neighbouring city. Tomorrow, when I could probably do it, I might not be interested anymore. [Ok, remove the might.] Also, what is terrible in flu, is that you really can't see any people, even if you'd finally have time for it. I tried to call few friends, but apparently all my friends had a shopping day yesterday. I knew there is Buy Nothing Day , but why didn't anybody tell me if there was also an annual world wide Let's All Go Shopping Except That One With The Flu Day?

So I stayed inside the house and did a shopping list called To Buy When Having a Completely Different Style.

1 Screw Table by Eero Aarnio

1 Sven Lundh's Eyeball

1 Mae West Lips Sofa

Some Polka Jam Orkestra Clothes

1 Futuro Home

But where to find that? I have seen one in late 70s. It was an Ufo Café in a small village called Luumäki (translates as Bonehill). Have you seen any?


wyndham said...

You'd have to have really tiny things to put on that screw table, surely?

Get well soon! Every day is shopping day!

Taiga the Fox said...

Wyndham, how lovely to see you here! And thanks :) Hmm... I think I just saved around 1760 Euros thanks to you [not that I had bought the table anyway].

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Nice comment on the post below :)

I seem to remember a scene with almost those same Jukka and Pekka lines in Man Without A Past, but I might have got that wrong.

Those tables are kind of tempting. Just imagine the size of the screwdriver you'd need to screw them into the ground, though... And the size of the toolbox you'd need to keep it in. And the size of the cupboard you'd need to keep that in. And... Well, at least they'd never fall over, I suppose.

Hope you're feeling a bit better today, or whichever day you read this.

Dave said...

Ooooh. I'd like to live in that house. Tell me when you find it, please. And can I come and visit you?

Anonymous said...

At present there are four Futuro houses in Finland. One in Hirvensalmi, one in Merimasku, one in Åland (as a fishing gear shed). The fourth one, the Futuro you remember as a cafe in Luumäki, is restored and privately owned by a collector in Kauhava.
I've had the pleasure of spending numerous occasions at the happy yellow Futuro which was used as a cafe at the Lahnajärvi Shell petrol station between 1969 and 1982. This particular version was exhibited at the London Finnfocus in 1968. At present it is dismantled somewhere in Estonia awaiting restoration.
Below a link to a wonderful futuro website
PS sorry about the length of my comment.

Taiga the Fox said...

Ooooh! Thank you so much :)

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

I really have seen Futuro now :)

I put the word "Finland" into the uni library's DVD catalogue yesterday and found this. Have just watched the half hour documentary on Futuro. Have you seen it?

Oh, and I just remembered Troy McClure lived in something like a Futuro house in The Simpsons, and found these buildings. The fourth one down is apparently the Chemosphere, which his house was based on, so Wikipedia says.

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Ooh, and Optical Sound on that DVD's great too - sort of a video for an excerpt of Symphony #2 For Dot Matrix Printers by [The User], it said at the end.

[Link above goes to short video - clicking 'Back' button will give more info].

Taiga the Fox said...

Oh, brilliant investigation OPC :) I haven't seen the documentary, but I know the director, Mika, so I assume it is good...
Erm, interesting houses on that Taringa! site. I'd like to live in the Rezydenz one...

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

That Rezydenz reminds me of Tančící dům in Prague, only more so.

Love Kpop said...

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