Saturday, September 15, 2007

Few flights and couple of blokes called Leinonen.

I don't particularly fancy flying. Even less now when I have booked flights from KLM. I read their website which proudly announced: "You can choose from the following special meals:
* Vegetarian
* Fruit
* Asian vegetarian
* Strict vegetarian
* Babies
* Children
* Diabetes mellitus
* Cardiovascular disease or elevated cholesterol
* High blood pressure
* Gluten free
* Lactose free
* Muslim
* Kosher
* Hindu "

What I apparently couldn't understand was the word intercontinental, so I booked the flights and only later found out that they serve only basic catering meals on European flights. I seriously thought if I really should get a flight to USA and back on my way to Italy, but then I remembered this beautifully creepy sight and decided that I probably wouldn't like the taste of Diabetes mellitus anyway.

Well, later that day I was delighted about the shade of the skies.

If you visit Helsinki when I'm away, you should visit Taidetuunaamo by an artist Leinonen.
The words "Katso tuunausvideot" means "look at the tuning videos".

Also, later that day I was invited to a secret party, ate a secret cake, drank a secret coffee, didn't taste the ingredients of a secret bottle, but saw a secret singer called Leinonen.

Here is he singing about something small and warm [pieni ja lämpöinen]. You can learn the lyrics whilst I'm swimming in Laguna Veneta.


Dave said...

Have a nice break without us.

Marsha Klein said...

That is a truly beautiful sky. The exhibition looks good too.

Sopwith-Camel said...

I saw the word "tuunausvideot" and wilfully mistranslated it into "fish-eating idiot". I'm getting worried about my mind.

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Why do I know that song? It's bugging me...

Has the original been in the background of a Kaurismäki movie, or something?

BiB said...

I can't decide whether to fall in love with Herra Leinonen or think that he'd be incredibly annoying finding himself too interesting all the time. So far, I'm just coming down on the side of the former. He certainly makes a nice noise though (but not, of course, as good as those Humppa-pensioners).

Taiga the Fox said...

Thanks all, I had really lovely time.
Oh, and deepest apologies to KLM. I will never say anything bad about you.

S-C; that made me laugh. It would be "kalansyöjäidiootti" though :)
OPC; probably because he is a Fonal artist...
BiB; love him. He is heavenly.