Friday, January 20, 2006

Yesterday the kids learned why it is not easy to lick frozen metal

It´s - 20 º C outside, but the freezing breeze has ended finally. I´m thinking if there´s any reason why to live here, but it´s too foxing cold to think.

Today I dressed my kids in outfits like these:
normal underwear, merino woolen undershirt and drawers, cotton trousers and shirt, merino woolen zip suit, woolen pants and sweater, normal socks and woolen socks, winter shoes, merino woolen hat, quilted hat, woolen knittens, quilted gloves, knitted scarf and quilted overall.

They looked like miniature Michelin men, except they were amazingly fast. Maybe they are playing the game they invented yesterday:

Son of the Fox Playground

Kissy-Pete game

Kissy-Pete comes behind the tree and tries to kiss everybody. If he´s lucky to catch someone he can give a kiss while the others shout "Funky-Ann" as loud as they can. Then comes Funky-Ann and wipes the kiss away.

The game and the statues by Johan and Anton Longley

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