Thursday, January 05, 2006

Fox Blog vol.1

First time blogger here and I haven´t got a clue about this.
I come from the forests of Finland, so pardon me if and when I can´t spell.

I haven´t seen the sun since the beginning of November, I think. Today the two sons of the Fox are going to practice some skiing.

Yesterday my older son, 5, announced his stage name, which is Johan Longley. So therefore the younger brother, 3, shall use his second name too and is now been called Anton.

Johan Longley, 5, said he's going to make movies later in his life and told me he would start by making some "X-Ray movies", because he´s going to be a doctor as well. The ultimate fan woman in me aroused immediately when my toughts were directed towards Green Wing :)

Just now there is some kind of a fight in the room of the little foxes. Better to go before there is a real need of doctors here...

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