Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Pond of the Pregnant Oyster

and some other Berlin photos now available here.

Anyway, the city was brilliant. Last time I was in Berlin it was around year 1995 and I remember it was all grey and rainy. The streets were too wide and there was nothing to see, really.
Well, now... it was grey and rainy and the streets were bit too wide and the city was full of huge, shiny and new buildings, but there was definitely much to see. Except that the thing we went to see, the Berlin Biennial, was... erm... empty like Berlin in 1995. I wonder where the art was?
Well, because the Biennial was slightly shitty, we run through around 30 galleries instead, but really can't remember anything anymore, except Chiharu Shiota, whose work we'd love to see in Helsinki soon.

Gallery Dog
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I also visited Deutsche Guggenheim, which was erm, bit tiny. Because it was like that I saw the huge Hamburger Bahnhof. To be honest having a golf cart would have been handy there. I also visited the Pregnant Oyster, Martin-Gropius-Bau and Neue Nationalgalerie collections, where I saw some wonderful works of Rebecca Horn of many. We also met lovely Ann-Sofi and visited Jeppe's wonderful studio.

I will always be in shame, because when I was so concentrated on finding the right U-bahn, I forgot to take my camera with me, when I met lovely Bowleserised and darling BiB, who were utterly fabulous and great talking about sauna, vodka and blogging and other essentials of life.

I am in the eye
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Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Kind of off-topic, but anyway, your google image search link led me to this MySpace page (one of the images was on it) - I can hardly understand a word the guy's mumbling, but it's very pleasant mumbling. And the musical backing's kind of pleasingly ramshackle...

Ah! I know why I like it now: the clarinet in the background really reminds me of my favourite Stina Nordenstam album.

Anyway... Looks like you saw some really interesting and beautiful stuff in those few days. Are you actually going to get Chiharu Shiota to Kiasma? I'm not quite sure I could say why, but I really, really liked her stuff.

pleite said...

Darling, what a lovely post. We both adored meeting you (he says, speaking for Bowleserised too, but I know she did, because she told me so today, live) and you make Berlin look and sound so lovely that I instantly wanted to book a holiday there... and then remembered I live here anyway, so I've donated the money i would have spent on a holiday to where I am to charity. Phew!

kissa said...

I have always wanted to visit Berlin you have given me even more reasons. What fun you had.

Christopher Campbell-Howes said...

Glad you're back. That shiny table was beginning to get a bit dusty.

Taiga the Fox said...

OPC, erm, that is my space behind that link...
Hmm... can't really reply to your question yet either....
but thanks for all the music :)

BiB, darling, you're such a sweetie :)
Oh, I got mixed up regarding the stuff I almost told you about brothers A.J. and M.J. Completely. The another M.J. I remembered isn't actually related to them at all, but he has got almost a similar name, so I thought you talked about him. The handsome M.J you know is familiar from TV though :)

Kissa, good to hear. You should definitely visit Berlin :)

Christopher, I will now try to polish my table frequently :)

Occasional Poster of Comments said...

Is it? Oops.

Correct link (hopefully).

Marsha said...

Lovely photos, Taiga. I especially like the first one of Alexanderplatz at night.

Hmm, now I want to go back to Berlin AND Helsinki.

Taiga the Fox said...

Thanks, Marsha :)