Friday, December 21, 2007

Isolationist ambient music

Just when I thought the red line looked like so boring, I found this great Wikipedia Band Name Meme through Patroclus, who found it originally from Miss-Cellany's friend's friend's blog. Anyway, here are the rules:
Go to Wikipedia and click on random article in the left-hand navbar.
The first article title is your band name.
Click random article again and that is your album name.
Click random article yet again and again until you have found enough of album tracks.

Like this way:

Band Name: Lynge

Album Title: Boven-Leeuwen

Album Tracks:
1. Jackson County, Colorado
2. Palatine Chapel in Aachen
3. Arrondissement of Brioude
4. Shirone, Niigata
5. Smoky Hollow (neighborhood)
6. Asadata Dafora
7. WHTI (disambiguation)
8. Eucherius of Lyon
9. James Maxton
10.Siege of Kerak
11. Joomla!

Hmm. I kind of knew it. Total of two records sold.*

* well, given as gifts to cousins, but anyway


Dave said...

I'd buy it.

Taiga the Fox said...

[I'm practising here with my glockenspiel already.]